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nr. 20 July/August 2020

numero e data Sfoglialo online! | online preview


A solo voyage through teh centuries and over the summer
by Maria Luisa Buzzi

6_Cover Story
Marcos Morau
by Maggie Foyer

15_What's on

Federico Bonelli
by Maria Luisa Buzzi

28_Dance craft
The repetiteur: Karl Burnett
by Silvia Poletti 

32_Choreographic Notation
by Silvia Poletti 

34_The dance scene_digital
NEW YORK Justin Peck and the NYCB (Zapparrata)
SAINT PETERSBURG The Horse Bronze (Trombetta)
ATHENS "The Rite of Spring" by Kokkinos (Zapparrata
LONDON "Romeo + Juliet" by Matthew Bourne (Battisti)

Fashion and Dance. An enduring love affair
by Giuseppe Distefano

Italian and Russian ballet
How a different style has been interwoven with different stories
by Francesca Pedroni

59_International calendar

61_Italian calendar



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