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nr. 18 March/April 2020

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06_Cover Story
Eleonora Abbagnato
by Sergio Trombetta

15_ What's on

Hans van Manen
by Francesca Pedroni

30_Close up
Juliano Nunes
by Carmelo A. Zapparrata

34_ Up and coming
Silvia Gribaudi
by Maria Luisa Buzzi

38_A Director reflects
Carlos Acosta
by Maggie Foyer

44_The dance scene
MILAN “Serata Van Manen-Petit” La Scala Ballet (Buzzi)
TRENTO Ballet British Columbia Triple bill: Pite/Eyal/Barton (Zapparrata)
ROME “Serata Robbins” Rome Opera Ballet (Buzzi)
NAPLES “Another round for five” by Cristiana Morganti (Distefano)
MONACO “Coppél-I.A.” by Jean-Christophe Maillot (Buzzi)
ZURICH  “Requiem” by Christian Spuck (Foyer)

56_ Culture
Yoshito Ohno
by Elena Cervellati

60_International Calendars

63_Italian Calendars

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